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PixTeller Basics

  • 1. What is PixTeller?

    PixTeller is a new and simple way to make beautiful posters from targeted image quotes to personalized greeting cards and to share them with your friends and family.

    Being not only an online image editor, but also a social media website here you can find funny pictures, motivational quotes or beautiful images that you will simply love.

  • 2. How to create a poster?

    First of all you need a PixTeller account and to be logged in and after that just click on Create button from top-right of the header menu.

    From there just use your imagination to express yourself through images and text and we are sure you will create an amazing poster.

  • 3. Why should I use PixTeller?

    Having many options and features, PixTeller gives you infinite possibilities to put your imagination at work and give more power and visibility to your words and pictures.

    We have one major goal: to give life to your words in one of the most simple ways - through images.

  • 4. What is RePix?

    If you want to create your own poster using as template an existing image created with PixTeller you can click on the RePix button if the original owner allows it.

    Also you can always choose a Template to RePix it.

  • 5. Where are listed the images I create?

    If your don't set your poster as Private, first it will be listed on the New section. Depending on the number of “hots” your post gets, it will be listed on Trending / Hot section.

  • 6. How to make my poster get listed on the "Hot" section?

    In theory it's easy to get your image listed on the Hot section: get as many hots as you can. But to get there you must create something really nice and special so that other users will vote it.

    Also you can share the link with your friends.


  • 1. PixTeller editor crashes

    We are aware of crash issues due to the variety of the internet browsers or memory limits on some devices. You can refresh your page and most often the editor will recover, but be aware that you will lose all data.

  • 2. Why the icons from PixTeller Editor don’t work?

    Browsers addons like "ad blocker" may block the Icons popup.

    If you encounter this, you should disable the addon, restart the browser and the icons will work, but be aware that you will lose all data.

  • 3. Why PixTeller Editor doesn't work?

    PixTeller is supported by most modern browsers, so make sure that your browser it's up to date. For now, on mobile devices PixTeller Editor it's unavailable.

  • 4. Why was an image I created deleted?

    Images reported as containing a trademark, copyright violation, spam, advertising, offensive materials/nudity, duplicate of another post will be deleted without prior notice, or if a PixTeller administrator considers it has inappropriate content.

  • 5. My copyright image was posted on PixTeller without my permission

    If you come across your work on our site, please "Report it" or submit a completed DMCA complaint to abuse[at]pixteller[dot]com to have your image removed.

PixTeller Editor

  • 1. Why set a poster as Private?

    If your post is not in English or if you don’t want it to be displayed on any page section mark it as private! Notice: if your post it's public and it's not in English it will be deleted without prior notice.

  • 2. What types of images I am allowed to upload?

    We allow any type of images except for those that violate the terms of service.

  • 3. Can I post just an image without text?

    Yes, you can, but do not forget to remove the default text and give a title to your future post.

  • 4. Can I remove the PixTeller Watermark?

    No, at this moment we don't have such option.

  • 5. Is PixTeller editor available on mobile devices?

    No, at this moment PixTeller Editor it's not supported on mobile devices, but we work on it.

For PixTeller Users

  • 1. Can I share PixTeller images on my website?

    Yes, if you own a website you can use your new images there. Also, we’d appreciate if you’d share also the original photo URL

  • 2. Do we have any plans for a Pixteller application for mobile devices?

    Yes, we hope that soon will be also an Android and iOS application.

  • 3. Can someone share or download my images without having access to my account information?

    Any image can be downloaded and shared with others.

  • 4. What are the points listed on a user profile?

    The points shown on a user profile page it's a score based on the number of hots and views of user’s images.

If you like PixTeller, help us grow and share your images with the original URL.

Please feel free to use our contact form or send us an email at office[at]pixteller[dot]com if you have any questions, comments or suggestion.