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PixTeller is a new and simple way to make beautiful posters and to share them with your friends and family. Use your imagination and create targeted image quotes, personalized greeting cards and you'll get more social attention.

Having many options and features, PixTeller gives you infinite possibilities to put your imagination at work and give more power and visibility to your words and images.

Being not only an online image editor, but also a social media website here you can find funny pictures, motivational quotes or beautiful images that you will simply love.

What makes PixTeller so special?

  • 1. It's simple

    First of all, Pixteller is easy to use. Without any image editing software or design knowledge now you can create great images.

  • 2. Unlimited backgrounds

    From solid colors, gradients to amazing textures and different sizes - all are possible with PixTeller.

  • 3. Multiple images

    You can upload as many images as you want and create one single poster from those.

  • 4. Photo effects

    A bunch of effects are available for you to apply on your photos depending on your taste including: grungy, nostalgia, vintage.

  • 5. Text effects

    You can set common text properties like font size, color or font-family, but also some more complex like text shadow, rotate, opacity and more.

  • 6. 100+ Fonts

    Over 100 amazing fonts available for you to choose from will make your quotes or just simple words look tremendous.

  • 7. Multiple text areas

    Certainly if you want to create something really special you will find this feature very useful.

  • 8. 10000+ Icons

    Awesome icon sets grouped by categories like: Love, Heads, Sport, Shapes, Animals and many many more - making the image you create unique.

  • 10. Professional templates

    For those who want to make something nice and fast, we tried to make things easier.

    You just have to pick a template, click on RePix button and from there just change the words, colors, images or whatever you want.

  • 11. RePix

    By checking RePix from PixTeller editor, you let other users use your design as template. You will be highly appreciated.

  • 11. Photo social media

    Here you will immerse in a world of creativity and inspiration. Also registered users may vote, share or comment your images.

    If you don't want this, you can check your image as private before posting it.

  • 12. It's free

    And last but not least, we try to keep PixTeller free and constantly improved.

Mistakes are the proof that we are trying. If you find a bug or just simply want to give us a feedback we'd be happy to hear it from you.